2017 San Diego Dart Populaire – Announcement

Write up from Mel Cutler (mel@aeacycling.org):

The AEA Cycling Club proposes to enter one or more teams to ride the Dart Populaire sponsored by its San Diego Chapter on Saturday November 18, 2017.

This event appears to be in the club’s “sweet spot” in that a route of 75-80 miles similar to our San Diego ride could take us from San Clemente to the end point in San Ysidro (near the Mexican border) via a coastal route, and we could return to the start using the MTS (no, I’m not making this up) light rail and Amtrak. A detailed route is under development: keep an eye on the club’s ridewithgps.com routes for updates. [The club will reimburse $20 for any member who signs up. –Ed C.]

Briefly, a Dart Populaire is an unsupported ride of 120 km or more for which the end point is specified and a number of teams start at different locations at a specified time and follow their own routes to meet at the end point at a specified time for a small celebration of this achievement, sponsored by the organizer. (Randonneurs USA rules posted here.)

It is not a race; rather, a premium is placed on arriving as close as possible to the end time.  A team consists of from three to five bikes and works together to ensure that the team arrives intact at the end. However, the team is given credit for completing the ride if at least three members arrive on time. RUSA members are eligible for an award after completion of this event but you do not need to be a member to participate.

(Current option routes available below the break.)

(If there are more than 5 riders interested, and inland route from Oceanside could be added that would provide more options for the return via public transportation.)

Option 1 – Approx 122 km

Option 2 – Approx 126 km

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