SoCal Cyclocross – 5 November – Anza

Bob Moision decided to enter a cyclocross racing series, the Southern California Prestige Series, and was nice enough to share his experiences with the rest of the club. Words and pictures by Bob.


Another CX race to report from this past Sunday (Nov 5). The race this week was at the Martha Mclean – Anza Narrows Park in Riverside. The course was mostly on grass, but had sections of dirt, sand, and sidewalk. There was also a fair amount of climbing along the course. It rained in the morning, but by the time my race came along (~11 am) the rain had stopped. The pictures are from one of the barriers located on the course. Very good riders can bunny hop these and good riders are able to dismount and remount their bikes without losing much speed. It is impressive to watch. More mortal riders aren’t quite as smooth, but being technically sound at getting off and on your bike can save a few seconds per lap, enough to make up time on somebody with better fitness but less technical skill. As for the race, I came in 12th for my division while sporting my (now old) Aerospace jersey.

Next week the CX series moves to San Luis Obispo, which I’m pretty sure I’ll miss.  However, the week after (Nov 18-19) is a UCI sanctioned race in Moreno Valley. Some big name CX riders may attend and it should be a fun weekend.  

In case anybody in the club is interested in trying cyclocross, more info about upcoming races can be found at The course location moves from week to week throughout the SoCal area and they even rent bikes for $10/race, so you can try it out with minimal investment. 

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