SoCal Cyclocross – 23 October – Lake Casitas

Bob Moision decided to enter a cyclocross racing series, the Southern California Prestige Series, and was nice enough to share his experiences with the rest of the club. Words and pictures by Bob.

The race was held on Sunday at Lake Casitas in Ventura county and was pretty tough. It was hot, in excess of 95, and dusty. The course was filled with lots of short steep climbs and drops with much of it taking place on loose packed dirt. The climbs in particular can be difficult for those who might be, ahem… challenged by gravity. All in all I had a pretty solid race, but I crashed when my front wheel washed out on a tight turn on my first lap and the heat also started to take a toll as the race wore on.

Other race highlights… at the top of a short climb, a group of people were hanging mini doughnuts from a tree for riders to grab as they rode by. I did grab one, but found it impossible to actually eat a doughnut with a dry mouth so I tossed it to the side of the course. On subsequent laps I noticed other discarded doughnuts in the same area. Next time maybe I should fill my water bottle with milk. I ended up finishing 11th in the Men’s 35+ C division. Next time, I’ll aim to crack the top 10.

In case anybody in the club is interested in trying cyclocross, more info about upcoming races can be found at The course location moves from week to week throughout the SoCal area and they even rent bikes for $10/race, so you can try it out with minimal investment. 

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