SoCal Cyclocross – 29 October – Corriganville

Bob Moision decided to enter a cyclocross racing series, the Southern California Prestige Series, and was nice enough to share his experiences with the rest of the club. Words and pictures by Bob.


This weekend (10/29) was the Corriganville cyclocross event. Corriganville was an old western movie studio in Simi Valley. All of the structures were destroyed by fires some years ago and it was converted into a regional park. Part of the course wound its way through the old building foundations which were also littered with lots and lots of broken glass. I’m shocked that I didn’t see any punctures. On one of the pictures you can see the concrete structures behind me. The other photo is from the start of the race and you can see me on the left side of the photo. 

The race went OK for me. My chain derailed on a fast and bumpy descent and I had to stop to put it back on, so I lost a little time and probably a couple of places. But my legs felt good and the weather was much cooler than the previous weeks race. A write up about the race and more pictures of the course is here (although it does not have any mention of my pedestrian C race).

In case anybody in the club is interested in trying cyclocross, more info about upcoming races can be found at The course location moves from week to week throughout the SoCal area and they even rent bikes for $10/race, so you can try it out with minimal investment. 

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