What’s New – September 2017

Meeting Minutes: Presentation and notes for September club meeting is available for download. I’ve reworked the minutes page so old minutes have been archived and new minutes are briefings with notes. All are accessible through the Meeting Minutes page, which can be accessed through the About >> Meeting Minutes links in the navigation menus.

2017 End-of-Year Photo Raffle Winners: Congratulations to Ben Davidson, Kyle Logue, Shannon McCall, and Bob Moision for winning $25 Performance Bike gift cards. Thanks to all who submitted a photo, and for all the winner to agreeing to have their picture taken with their prize.

2017 Amtrak Ride: I finally posted Mel’s write up (with pictures, even).

2017 San Diego Dart Populaire (November 18, 2017): Mel’s recruiting a rando team to do this ride. Check out this post on the topic.

FY17 Reimbursements are now closed: Thanks to all who submitted a ride reimbursement this year, and I hope all the folks with a Safety & Security item are enjoying their new toys .. err .. equipment. We hit our spending cap for FY17 – which is actually awesome – and we’ll re-do the cap for FY18 once we receive funds from the AEA.

Reminder to sign up with the ridewithgps Club Account: Use the club ridewithgps.com account to share routes and coordinate rides. Haven’t signed up? It’s free to members: create a ridewithgps.com account and click on Ask to Join on club page.

Key upcoming dates:

  • 4 October – Aerospace Annual Commuter Fair where the Club will have a table
  • 8 OctoberCiclavia Heart of Los Angeles
  • 19 October – Monthly meeting – last one for 2017
  • 18 November – San Diego Dart Populaire

2017 End-of-Year Photo Raffle Contest Winners

The club had our first ever Photo Raffle. The idea was submit a photo from the previous (fiscal) year and enter a chance to win one of four $25 gift cards from Performance Bike. Several entered but only four could win. Pictures of our lucky winners are below. Grats, and thanks to all who submitted a photo.

Ben and Kyle (with a cameo from Eddie) showing off their winnings.

Shannon takes a break from dropping circuit knowledge to take a selfie.

Bob’s co-workers had to stop him from eating his prize.

2017 San Diego Dart Populaire – Announcement

Write up from Mel Cutler (mel@aeacycling.org):

The AEA Cycling Club proposes to enter one or more teams to ride the Dart Populaire sponsored by its San Diego Chapter on Saturday November 18, 2017.

This event appears to be in the club’s “sweet spot” in that a route of 75-80 miles similar to our San Diego ride could take us from San Clemente to the end point in San Ysidro (near the Mexican border) via a coastal route, and we could return to the start using the MTS (no, I’m not making this up) light rail and Amtrak. A detailed route is under development: keep an eye on the club’s ridewithgps.com routes for updates. [The club will reimburse $20 for any member who signs up. –Ed C.]

Briefly, a Dart Populaire is an unsupported ride of 120 km or more for which the end point is specified and a number of teams start at different locations at a specified time and follow their own routes to meet at the end point at a specified time for a small celebration of this achievement, sponsored by the organizer. (Randonneurs USA rules posted here.)

It is not a race; rather, a premium is placed on arriving as close as possible to the end time.  A team consists of from three to five bikes and works together to ensure that the team arrives intact at the end. However, the team is given credit for completing the ride if at least three members arrive on time. RUSA members are eligible for an award after completion of this event but you do not need to be a member to participate.

(Current option routes available below the break.)

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2017 Amtrak Ride – Irvine to Old Town San Diego

Write up by Mel Cutler (mel@aeacyling.org). Full ridewithgps route available at bottom of post, and via this link:

On July 22 a diverse group of eight AEA Cycling Club members and guests completed a group ride to San Diego from Irvine, a duration of over 80 miles. This ride was eagerly anticipated because it represented a new chapter in the club’s existence. Long a bastion of encouraging and monetarily supporting bike commuting and member participation in charity and other organized rides, the club, under the dynamic leadership of Lee Shelton, had taken some tentative steps towards building a group esprit de corps. For example, in 2016 club members completed the “Ride with the Tide” 100 km south bay charity ride and some even posed for a group photo at the start. In addition, an occasional ice cream ride after work has proven to be popular among the most fun-loving club members.

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What’s New – August 2017

Presentation and notes for August club meeting is available for download.

Check out slide 9 for End-of-Year Photo Raffle. Submissions due prior to next meeting, drawing will occur then.

Use the club ridewithgps.com account to share routes and coordinate rides. Haven’t signed up? It’s free to members: create a ridewithgps.com account and click on Ask to Join on club page.

Key upcoming dates:

  • 21 September – (Date Corrected) Next Club meeting @ 11:30am in A1 “somewhere.” Club meetings will be held 3rd Thursday of every month, which coincides with Bike n’ Breakfast
  • 4 October – Aerospace Annual Commuter Fair where the Club will have a booth, a prize to raffle off, and maybe a fix-a-flat demo
  • 8 OctoberLong Beach Marathon Bike Tour
  • 8 OctoberCiclavia Heart of Los Angeles
  • 14 OctoberRat Beach Bike Tour

San Luis Obispo Rides Feb 2017

The following is an account written by Mel Cutler on a San Luis Obispo (SLO) brevet over the 2017 President’s Day Weekend.

I went up to SLO over the long President’s Day weekend to take advantage of my first brevets since my surgery in December. [Brevets are long distance unsupported rides organized by regional brevet administrators of Randonneurs USA (RUSA)]. Saturday was a relatively flat 200 km that I had done a few years ago and I had done the 300km last year on this same weekend, so they were familiar.

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Circle A Swag: Round 2

Order Link: http://www.voler.com/custom/ordering/li/13885

Instructions from Voler:

Your team has decided to use the Voler Custom Online Order System for collecting and processing your cycling apparel order. Please follow the steps below to place your individual order for inclusion in the overall team order.

  1. Click on this link to access your team order site: http://www.voler.com/custom/ordering/li/13885
  2. Click on “LOGIN” to enter your Login/Billing Info. Click on “Create Account” to save the information and to create your new User ID and Password. You will automatically be directed to the home page for your team order. If you are a returning customer, please use your original Login and Password.
  3.  Click on “Begin Shopping” to gain access to the orderable products page. To place items in your shopping cart, click on the item you want to order, then the options you want to select, then the “Add to cart” button. You can choose to “View Aero Jersey Mockup - Front OnlyYour Bag” or “Continue Shopping” after adding each item. Repeat these steps for each item you want to order.
  4. After placing the last item you want to order in your shopping cart, click on “View Your Bag” to display the items. Carefully review the items and make any necessary modifications or deletions. Because each item is custom built, refunds and exchanges will not be accepted. After you have confirmed your order is correct, click on “Proceed to Checkout” to complete the secure checkout process by entering your credit card payment information.
  5. After you have completed the secure checkout process, an Order Confirmation will automatically be displayed and e-mailed to you for your records.
  6. After the order deadline date has passed, you will no longer be able to access the order site. If you have not completed the checkout process for your order by this date, any items in your cart will be removed. The Order Deadline and the Order Ship Date are displayed on the order homepage. The Ship Date is the date that your order will be shipped from Voler.

Thank you for your order. If you have any questions, please call 800-488-6537 and ask for assistance from a Voler Customer Service Representative, or send us an email at sales@voler.com.

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Proposed Update to Bylaws

Update: Bylaws were approved June 28, 2016. Here’s a link to the minutes.

Original Post:

Here’s the PDF with the details: AEA Cycling Club Bylaws – Proposed

Here’s a summary:

ID Description Rationale
1 Remove Secretary as an officer position Reduce the number of officers by one to better active contingent of members
2 Move term start from 1 May to 1 July Moves start of officer term to after elections are held
3 Edits for language in Article IV Opportunity to fix minor language issues in by laws
4 Change club disbursement limit from $100 to $500 Makes AEA Cycling Club bylaws consistent with AEA bylaws

Logo Contest Winners

Last month the club put out a logo contest. Andrew L. won 1st place ($50 REI gift card) while Eric H. ($30 REI gift card) took 2nd. However, the voting was so close that the club decided to figure out a way to merge the those two logo ideas together. Riana T. ($20 REI gift card) took third, and the club wants to modify her entry and use that as a graphic for the back our T-shirts. The merged logo and the t-shirt design are still in work, but in the meantime congratulations to our winners and thanks to all who turned in submissions!

Andrew L.

First Place – Andrew L.

Eric H.

Second Place – Eric H.

Riana T.

Third Place – Riana T.